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About Us

We, at Canimara Exports, produce Apparel products that are consistent with premium quality, produced through clean, lean, and green processes with minimum impact on the environment and resources.

White Cotton Fabric
Raw Organic Cotton Growing at the Base o

Ethically Made

The journey towards sustainability is an ongoing one. We have sought to scrutinize everything we do: from the sourcing of the fabric to the delivery of shipment.  We identify and test the latest alternative production methods, and we’re committed to innovating and searching for new materials.

Our Certifications 

Core Features


Quality inspection at each stage of the production process to provide the best quality products to our customers.


All kinds of fabric, styles, and quantity done with ease along with an assurance of consistently good quality and on-time delivery. 

Ethical Production 

Our factory complies with all rules, regulations, and standards applicable to infrastructural facilities, factory operations, and trade practices to create an eco - friendly environment.

Team sprit 

We make each member of our organization feel that they are an integral part of our company. 


 Investing in new technologies and methods to identify the latest alternative production methods.


Our Partners 

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